DDNS setup using name servers

This is about my DDNS setup for znjoa.com which is managed by Godaddy.

  1. On the GoDaddy settings page, go to the DNS management page
    1. Remove GoDaddy default name servers
    2. Add the following name servers from Dynu
      1. NS1.DYNU.COM
      2. Here, NS10 and NS11 are from Europe. If not added the DNS propagation takes very long for myself to see the change. So just remember to add the NS from your region
    3. Other than this, nothing needs to be done (no c name no a record no site redirection)
  2. On Dynu website:
    1. register your domain
    2. Follow this tutorial to enable the local service of Dynu on rpi4 (which I’m using to host this site)
      1. Use md5 of password for safety
      2. echo "password"| md5  is wrong, should be echo -n "password" | md5 which does not keep the trailing new line character
    3. Back to Dynu website, go to DDNS services:
      1. check your domain is there and the ip address was just updated
      2. this can also be done by checking the log file on the script folder on rpi4
      3. or you can directly enter the url in the script file in a browser and see if there’s any error

Now you are good to go! To me, using name servers from a DDNS provider seems to be faster than redirecting the whole site to a DDNS url (which points to my real public IP) on the GoDaddy website.